Denlo Photography. Trim. Co. Meath. | FAQ's

We get lots of questions from couples about our photography so we thought we'd try list out some of the more frequent ones along with the answers. However, if there is something that's not covered here, then please don't hesitate to ask - we don't bite. Remember, your wedding is probably the biggest event of your life so there's no such thing as a stupid question.

Do you really have two photographers on the day?

Yes and we both take photos seperately at different parts of the day. However, when we're shooting the formals or the bridal party, we'll work together with one shooting and one directing.

Is it cheaper if we just have one photographer?

No sorry, we come as a package :-) We don't charge any extra for having two of us.

How far in advance do we need to book you?

It's never too early to book. There are certain times of year and certain days of the week that are more popular than others. Fridays and Saturdays are always in demand and we typically have bookings for these days up to two years in advance.

How do we book you and is there a deposit?

To book we require a €250 non refundable booking fee to secure your date as well as a signed booking contract. 

When is the balance due?

The final balance is due 7 days before your wedding. You can of course make smaller payments off the balance beforehand if it helps. 

What kind of payments do you take?

We accept cheques, drafts, postal orders, Credit/Debit cards or bank transfer. Of course being Irish we're happy to take cash in a brown envelope :-)

Do you charge VAT?

Yes, we are registered for VAT and it is included in the price you see. The VAT amount is shown seperately on your invoice which is handy if you can claim it back. 

Do we get to meet you beforehand?

We insist on meeting you both well before your wedding. It's very important to us that we have an informal chat about what you want and for us to explain what we'll do on your day. This ensures that we're all singing off the same hymn sheet and that we actually get along together. We'll also try meet you again closer to the date - maybe at your venue tasting.

Are you insured?

We sure are. We have Public Liability Insurance and quite a lot of venues insist on your photographer being insured, as do public parks etc.

Do you charge travel fees or any extras?

No. We cover weddings throughout Ireland and don't charge a penny extra for travelling. The only "extra" we ask for is that you feed us while you're having dinner. Remember, we'll have been with you from early morning and while you're eating, we're still waiting around for your first dance.

What time do you start and finish on our wedding day?

We'll be with the Bride in time for the make up, hairdresser and getting ready. Lorraine usually covers this while Denis carries on to the Groom's house. So we start when you start! As for finishing, we're there until you start dancing so typically a 12/14 hour day for us.

We don't like posing for photos. Do we have to pose?

Nor do we. Our style of photography style is laid back and easy going. We want you to have fun on your wedding day, not stand around with fake smiles for the camera. Of course there are some posed shots you should have like family photographs and we'd suggest you put a list of these together for us. Other photos may be constructed to look natural but in fact they will be "set up" by us. Mostly times you will hear us tell you to just walk towards us and chat to each other or just hold hands and kiss. It's not quite posing but we know the type of shot we're looking for. 

Do you offer a pre-wedding shoot or engagement shoot?

Yes. Some couples find a pre-wedding shoot beneficial to help get to know us a bit more. You can use the shoot to produce an image for use as a signing board. Obviously there's an extra cost involved so get in touch if you want to know more.

How many photos do you take and do we get them all?

Each wedding is different but between us we would take a lot of photos. Once we've dumped the ones with the shut eyes, people not looking, blurry focus etc. we then edit the best of the rest. You will usually end up with between 400 - 500 edited images. All of these will be presented to you on our beautiful presentation USB's.

How long does it take to get our photos?

We'll usually have your photos in a private gallery on our website within about 6 - 8 weeks depending on the time of year. If you've chosen our digital package, you need to select some of your favourites for printing to go along with the presentation USB. If you've chosen an album, we'll need another few weeks to design it and send you a proof. Once approved it can take around 3 weeks for delivery.

Who designs the wedding album?

We do. We've spent 12/14 hours capturing your day from start to finish so we tell that story in our album design. Once we've designed the album, we send you a proof for your approval. You'll already have seen all your photos in your private gallery so you can change any of them before it goes to print. 

Do we have to take all the albums?

No, you can tweak any of our packages to reduce cost. Leave out the parent albums - it's entirely up to you. However, you cannot add them in after the main album has been printed as they all get printed at the same time.

Can I print my own photos?

Yes you can. We'll give you images without any watermark and you can have them printed anywhere. However, there is a huge difference in what we would print for you and what you'll get from your local chemist.

Can we have some Black and White photos?

We shoot everything in RAW format and during the editing process we will change some of them to Black and White. If you have a love of B&W (like us) we'll do more of them that way. We select the photos that we feel are suited to B&W but if you prefer one over the other we can easily change it back. Some images are just made for Black and White.